Flat Rate - Commercial Locksmith Hialeah

We are a reputed and sought-after locksmith in Hialeah a prominent city within the Miami-Dade County and are dedicated in serving the residents, businesses and the automotive lock and key issues. However, our team of exceptionally skilled commercial locksmiths ensures that you never have to wait to get assistance.

Whether you are facing a lockout or damaged locks, call in our Commercial Locksmith in Hialeah. We are of great assistance during such situations when you need professionals for assistance.

Quality control with Commercial Locksmith in Hialeah

We understand the importance of business security and with a team of licensed professionals always ready; you can get the best for your money. We recommend that you always keep our contact details within reach.  For your own satisfaction you can check our accreditation and reviews with BBB. We offer top class services and all our technicians are highly trained on the latest types of locks.  

As we need to consider our reputation, we only hire the best and take due diligence while choosing our locksmith technicians. All our Commercial Locksmith Hialeah technicians are adequately bonded, licensed and insured. They offer numerous Commercial Locksmith Hialeah services, such as:

  • Providing access to your commercial buildings on an urgent basis. We understand the importance of running a successful business and offer quick resolution of the requirements.  
  • Installing and repairing the door lock. We have the necessary tools and knowhow to install the latest hi-security door locks and can even rectify damaged or problematic door lock promptly.
  • Making duplicate keys. It is always a nice idea to have a set of spare keys that can be used as the replacement keys in cases of emergencies.
  • Rekeying. If you feel that your locks have been compromised with or your keys are missing and do not want to change them, then rekeying the locks is an excellent option. The advantage of rekeying is that it costs just a fraction of the cost of changing the whole lock system. Once the locks are rekeyed, the old keys will not work and your security will not be compromised.
  • Installing the automatic or the manual door closing devices.
  • Replacing the damaged or the lost keys. Our Commercial Locksmith Hialeah service technicians have the ability to make new keys to replace the damaged or the lost keys on the spot.
  • Adding the hi-end security locks. Our technicians can install the latest security locks along the perimeter of your business to prevent break-in. we can also install the deadbolts of commercial grade that are not only pick-proof and bump-proof but are also of top grade door plates and guards while the window films that we install are shatter proof.
  • Installing the alarm systems. Our technicians can install the alarm systems on all your exit points so as to help in securing your premises.
  • We also provide Master keys so that you are able to have unhindered access to all the areas of your establishment.
  • Installing, repairing or replacing the business mailboxes. We can install the mailboxes and provide the access and the keys to them and in case of any damage even repair or replace them.

We provide evaluation report on the state of all your commercial locks and your security locks and if found faulty or not working properly repair them on the spot. We can even assess the level of security your establishment has and if found inadequate recommend the best system that would suit your business.

We are available 24/7 for all your emergency needs and have the reputation of not overcharging and installing only high quality products. We are just call away and would be there promptly to solve all your lock issues.